Pigeon Activities!

Sunday, September 3, 2023

So Monday all the kids were here and Alex and I were together as well. Tuesday the kids didn't come and we got the room ready. Wednesday they were all here for their 'first day' knowing who their teacher was. Alex and I were both here Wednesday. Then Thursday started the job share.

I am Thursday, Friday and Alex is Monday, Tuesday. Then we rotate Wednesdays! I used Thursday as what I would typically do on the first day- PIGEON! (click the picture for link to the book)

First activity- graphing!

We sat around the edge of the carpet for the first time (my fav thing to do). Everyone got a turn to put their name on the graph. The two choices were 'wanted to go to school' and 'didn't want to go to school'. I TOTALLY thought more of them would have put on 'didn't want to', but it was a full house for 'wanted to' lol.

 Then we did the recording sheet. The ELMO will forever be my kindergarten bestie. If you don't have one, you should get a cheapy version off of amazon. They all work the same, but my school gave us an ELMO. For the younger kids, or all kids, it is needed!

I took ZERO pictures of their pigeons lol, but we DID do this craft. I hung them in our room- pictures to come! It is my favorite craft to do to see if the kids can cut and follow directions. 

We ended the day with this editable pigeon crown. They get their letters, have to cut them, and then put them in order. They also get the crown and can color the pigeon how they want to. 

All the links to activities can be found by clicking on the pictures! The graph and craft are together in a packet. The crown is separate. :)

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