Telling My Kindergarteners I'm Engaged

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

So my kids had been asking me since practically the first day of school if I'm married and when I am getting married. I had explained that I am not married, but I will get married once Mr. Nick gets me a ring. So all year that was a hot topic of conversation between them lol.

When winter break came they thought I would get a ring because Mr. Nick and I were going to Florida. When we came back from break I had told them we didn't get to go because our flight got canceled. They felt bad, but when spring break rolled around they thought this was IT!

So Mr. Nick and I go to Florida. I of course share online and tell any parents following me on Instagram to NOT tell their kids because I wanted to surprise them. When they came in on Monday morning I hid my ring. A handful of them asked first thing about the ring and seemed disappointed, but I was so warmed by their words of encouragement. I had some 'it's okay maybe he will get your a ring for your birthday' and 'that's alright you probably still had fun in Florida'. Seriously cue tugging on my heart strings. I felt bad lying so the second morning time was over I said we are playing a game.

I had printed out post it notes with facts and opinions about myself. I put a post it note in an egg and let them come up and grab one. They were told they could not open their egg until it was their turn. We went around and they got to read the post it note and decide if it was a fact or an opinion. I knew who took the egg with the 'Mr. Nick got Miss Grassi a ring' in it so I saved that one for last.

Once she read it, I pulled out my egg, cracked it open, and out fell the ring! They were excited, confused, and shocked lol. Mainly because I told them he didn't get me a ring. They were super happy and I was happy to be able to share this exciting time with them.

If you are reading this and feel that you can't share your life with your kids, I feel for you. I know that not everyone is able to. I honestly even wasn't sure if I should knowing that it could be a sensitive topic. <3

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