Teen Numbers Lucky Charms Craft

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

If you're new here, I absolutely love CRAFTIVITIES! Craftivities are a craft that aligns to whatever you are doing academically. We do a math craft once a week! My kids love it and I love being able to reference back to them.

We used to do the hot chocolate teen numbers and these teen number puppies (which I do still love and we could do), but hot chocolate is out for March and the teen number puppies were just counting, not showing a tens frame like my hot chocolate ones did.

So I randomly thought of this while my kids went to specials and whipped it up. The cereal represents the ten and the marshmallows are the one. So now when we talk about making teen numbers and filling the tens frame I can say 'remember the tens frame gets the cereal and the other part is the marshmallows'. :)

The craft comes with different ways to print it out to make it easiest for your classroom or home. When I made it with my kids I realized I needed a 'topper' and also would not print out the cereal on brown again lol. Either light tan or just have them color it!

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