Rainbows In A Cup

Sunday, March 19, 2023

LUCKILY Saint Patrick's Day was on a Friday because this teacher could not have handled another holiday falling in the middle of the week lol. The kids were pumped because on the calendar I put a little icon for the holidays and they were counting down. We called it everything from 'the leprechaun day' to 'the clover day'.

I am not huge on Saint Patrick's Day. I'm not Irish at all and I just never really was fascinated it by it, even as a kid. However, when you teach kindergarten babes you have to be into every holiday. So we had a somewhat normal Friday, but added in rainbows in a cup and we made pancakes.

The rainbows in a cup were so simple. I saw the idea on Tik Tok, but they had used green jello. Which I did look into, but I couldn't find it at target and I didn't feel like making any so something in my mind said vanilla pudding and food coloring.

Walmart sells the pudding cups in packs of 6 which was nicer than doing the packs of 4 with how many kids I have. I did three packs of 6 and one pack of 4 for my 20 because I wanted to be able to show them an example.

I got the food coloring at Target and it was the pack of orange, purple, blue, and pink which I didn't realize, but they still loved it. It doesn't HAVE to be green. I think they preferred this more because they could pick a color.

I opened up all the pudding cups while they were doing calendar. Then once we were done I called them up to pick a color. I had all of the pudding cups at my desk and told them the colors before hand. When they came up they told me which color and I added the food coloring. I thought this was a better idea than passing it around because a. it would move more quickly and b. they wouldn't use too much before someone had a chance at that color.

So they got their pudding cup, food coloring, and a spoon and went back to their seats. I had to show them how to scoop the bottom of the pudding in order to not have it be white on the bottom still. Then I passed around the whipped cream. They got to try it on their own. If they were struggling I did hand over hand or they just asked a friend. I REALLY like them to try things like this on their own even if it is a little messy. I did tell them that this was all the whipped cream we would have for rainbows in a cup and pancakes so not to go overboard. I also told them not to mix the whipped cream with the pudding because they needed it as a cloud for the rainbow. 95% listened to that lol

Then I gave them an air head extreme to use as the rainbow. It was an easy, quick, and decently clean craft snack. We are all about trying new foods in our class, but they do not have to eat anything they don't like. I also don't force them obviously. I just encourage to try new things, but they 100% don't have to. I was proud of all of them, even my slightly picky eaters, for trying it. I would not eat that in a million years, but I probably would have as a kid lol. Surprisingly most of my babes are NOT fans of whipped cream. They said it 'tastes disgusting. LOL!

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