Favorite Tik Tok Buys Summer 2022

Monday, August 8, 2022

I love this Rubbermaid scrubber for getting gunk out. I recently used it for the sink drains and it was amazing. It does splatter though, so I like to use cleaning gloves! Click here for the link.

Cleaning gloves! Literally a game changer. I don't know why I ever cleaned without them. Click here for the link to the cute pink ones!

Perfect little vacuum for a bathroom clean. It would probably be good to have in the kitchen too, but it isn't as big as a black and decker. Click here for the link!

Drawer organizers are a MUST in our house. It helps Nick keep drawers organized and find things + I love the look of it! Win, win! Click here for the link.

Here is another set too!

This is the ultimate hair product!!!! My hair seriously went from stringy to healthy after one time. I use it weekly. I was super scared because you can't return it, but I instantly loved it and do it on my family lol. Click here for link!

So I haven't tried these yet, but I want to get them because K pods are so expensive and I feel like it is better for the environment? I could be making that up lol I have no idea, but they look so interesting to me! Click here for the link.

Want to make doing the dishes fun? Get this! Even my nephews like doing dishes with this. Click here for the link.

I have seen these all of Instagram, but decided to try it when I saw one at Walmart. I love it for my underarms and legs, bikini area not so much, but I have to shave daily. It gives such a close shave for real. Click here for the link.
If you hate your hose all over, invest in one of these. I feel like they probably last forever and it is so convenient! Click here for the link.

Last but not least, make up remover pads. They are microfiber and take off make up so easily with just water. These are the amazon brand and I will say I liked the Target one better, but they both do the job!

That's all! Hope you found something that you were looking for. :) All links are affiliate links!

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