5 Easy Reader Books for Beginning Readers

Friday, June 24, 2022

It can be so hard to find the right books for you child when they are learning to read. The 'beginning reader' books are far too hard for our little babes who are just putting together sentences in stories. Here is a list of books that I like best! All of the books have good illustrations and are the texture of a 'glossy' book. I do not prefer the paper books with the black and white illustrations. I use books like that printed out in class, but books that cost a decent amount of money I would rather have color! :) I listed them through amazon (affiliate links) and scholastic. I know scholastic can be hard to navigate and I'm not sure if you need a code or not, but I left my code. You used to not be able to ship to your house, but you can now so if you need a code you can use ours!

1. First Little Comics
-Repeated Sentences
-Picture Clues
-Levels A through F

2. Buddy Readers
-Repeated Sentences
-Sound Out Words
-Picture Clues
-Levels A through F (E-F available on Amazon)

3. First Little Readers
-Relatable Content/Vocab
-Sound Out Words/Sight Words
-Available in Spanish and English
-Levels A through J

4. Nonfiction Easy Readers
-Real Life Pictures
-Levels A through F (E-F only in Nonfiction Sight Words)

5. Elephant and Piggie Books
-Parent/Teacher Modeling First
-Expressions on Characters
-One Word Pages

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