Vet Dramatic Play

Friday, March 25, 2022

Another dramatic play in The Beach Classroom.

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So I started this one way back in mid march of 2020. Which today seems like ten years ago. I literally went up to school that week later on to continue working on this and then they never got to do anything with it. Last school year we didn't get to it because we were in and out so they didn't get as many dramatic play stations. So this year is the year.

They were super hype to see this set out. Normally I have something having to do with food or a restaurant so this was definitely a switch up.

Here is the back view. The top left stays the same no matter what. It has the credit cards, phones, dry-erase markers, and extra money. (I do have the Melissa and Doug market cash register piece so a lot of the money stays in that.) Then the bottom two are for whatever set we have. I have learned that LESS is so much MORE. More organization, more time, more patience, more peace. LOL The more items you have the more cleaning they have to do. They start shoving things in the wrong place. Things go missing. It is such a pain. The labels come in my dramatic play pack. I also found that clear bins make the world go round. If you can see inside, they put it away right 95% of the time versus not clear bins. They will shove that junk wherever they please...insert queasy emoji lol.

Here is a little closer pic of the top left. They do a decent job of keeping the stuff in the right place because again, there isn't too much. That black thing in the money spot is a label maker, but they pretend it is a credit card machine LOL.

On the bottom left I have all the tools. We went over how they both say tools, but the one is for grooming and the other is for an exam. We discussed the differences and why the shampoo and hair trimmers are in one and the stethoscope and thermometer is in the other. It is really easy to expect them to have this vocabulary and know these things. It is easy to forget that some may have never read a book about this or have seen a show with these topics. So I always try to go over vocabulary and explain what things are. :)

This side is for pets and food. I got a lot of the pets at Walmart. The dog, cat, and food came with the Melissa and Doug pack, but I found a toy fish, turtle, and bird at Walmart. I tried to link some, but I got a lot of these two years ago. Your best bet would be to visit dollar trees, Walmart, or Target. You can also get a leftover box and print out a picture of dog food. Dramatic play has no rules!

I got these little tanks or carriers at Walmart. I hot glued fish rocks in the turtle cage, which did not go quite as planned. I remember thinking what the heck lol. However, it is good enough and when my kids saw it this year they said how it looks so realistic. Bless their hearts lol.  I put foam for the fish tank after realizing the rocks was a bust. The little plants are also from Walmart and I just hot glued them. The fish are not hot glued, but they sit up right so it works.

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