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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day! I used to feel like I needed something to do on Valentine's day, but now that I'm old and wise (lol) I don't care and I just want to make it fun for my kids. As you can see, I thought making slime would be fun... The kids were so excited and hype, but my desk was a disaster and it didn't go as planned lol. Last year I hired someone to come in and face paint, but obviously with Covid we couldn't do that this year. I mainly did the slime because they have been keeping their bookshelves clean and tidy without being asked and I wanted to let them know I appreciate that. 

On Valentine's day we also watched a Number Jacks movie (their favorite- it also was only like 40 minutes which I like because it isn't extremely long) and really didn't do anything else that was party related because we had a intruder drill which took up a chunk of time and I told them we HAD to do math stations. However, I think the movie and slime was fine with them. :) I had big plans to make a cute jellyfish and play bingo, but ya didn't happen.

Oh! We also shared these. They couldn't bring in valentines this year so I sent home a list of the kid's names and told them they needed to put something nice about each friend or what they like about the friend/memories/etc. They turned out SO CUTE!!!!! When I read them to the kids their smiles were so big. I am trying to go overboard on the positive self talk and kindness this year and I really have seen it paying off. Reap what you sow...right?

On Monday, I got to go to P's preschool visit. P is my oldest neighbor's daughter (I am super close with my neighbors because we grew up together so P is like my niece). It was super fun and my kids were excited because a lot of them went to this same preschool. :)

I love peeking over to see what they are doing at sensory. Sensory is super important to me. I love how they come up with different things like sorting and counting or naming the different color gems with emotions lol. 


We also had these out for math stations. I love some good number puzzles. We are headed into teen numbers so I pulled out the teen number tens frames with the puppies. You can find these on my tpt.

This is the mentor text we were doing this week, but we didn't get to finish so we will be doing more with this soon. It is the cutest story ever, especially for picky eaters or kids who won't try anything new. Click here for the book. I want to do a President's day book next week though.


We had some matching cuties and we got our little owl art projects back. I loved this one, it was very abstract. :)

Oh and my Addi girl turned 17! Wowza. If you're new here, I teach dance. :)

My Valentines ootd. :)

We sometimes watch these can you spot the difference videos, which my kids LOVE. I honestly love them too LOL. This one popped up and one of my babes said, "awww look a bunch of Mr. Clarks (our gym teacher)." I laughed so hard. Here is the link to the video.

I found these in a bin. I used these containers to have them for my one who loved to bring syrup to school, but it would spill over everything so I bought him these to take home lol. They worked perfect for the slime. 

I also put up my covid + getting vaccinated video if you wanted to watch. Have a great week!

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