Book Wall

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Finally sharing a blog about my little book wall! I got this idea from Erin @cottonstems. I love to read and I typically read in my front room so I knew I wanted to do this somewhere near there. It was super easy to do and was done within twenty-four hours.

Step 1: Find a picture that you want to put as the center. I found this one at hobby lobby and thought it was perfect. I was going to have one made that said A told B and B told C (from chicka chicka boom boom), but decided if I ever do a kid book wall I'll use that then. ;)

Step 2: Find books. You can go on Facebook market place, check out thrift stores, or use old ones of your own. I decided to use ones I had. 

Step 3: Rip out pages and then lay out the books and pages before putting on the wall. I decided to use only Nicholas Sparks books because he is probably my favorite author. I have enjoyed so many of his books. My favorite being the Notebook. I took out the most famous parts of the Notebook for the loose pages. I also took out chapter titles for the loose pages too and did 1-28 (I am 28 years old). For the full books I just used different ones from the author that I had.

Here is another picture of laying out the books and the wall I decided to put it on. I went with a smaller wall so it could appear fuller. I almost put it on a really long wall, but decided against it.

Step 4: Hang picture up and then add the pages and books. I started this project around 10PM lol so by midnight I needed to take a break, which I am glad I did because I tend to try to finish projects in a hurry and then they turn out like I finished in a hurry lol. I just nailed the books in with a hammer and nail. The pages are up on the wall with (rolled behind).

Step 5: Get an adorable dog and you're done! I also added a bench from hobby lobby (see first picture).

Thanks for reading!

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