Teaching Recap Jan 25

Saturday, January 30, 2021

It was a short week! We had Friday off for PD and a teacher work day. This is my 'focus' board. We don't really call it anything, but the kids use it all the time to reference what we are doing- which was the whole point! My cooperating teacher had something similar when I student taught. This area has evolved over my years of teaching, but I think I finally have it down. 

In writing we are working on having our writing make sense when we read it. We also are going to start incorporating math into writing. I kind of felt bad when they did the pre-test because they wanted to do it correctly, but were a little confused lol. Poor babes. One person wrote "I like" because we have been doing opinion writing for the last five months haha. We are also going to start informational writing, which is the greatest of all time.

We read Nerdy Birdy, which is one of my favorites. We mainly focused on verbs because when they are writing they have a hard time with 'ing'. Now I can reference Nerdy Birdy when they need to add 'ing' to a word. ;) I forgot to take pictures of their finished products. I was out Tuesday and they made the birds with the sub I had when I was on my leave. They had a great time. I have a whole 5 day reading resource packet. Click here for the product.


Since I was out Tuesday, I told them their would be a surprise dramatic play waiting for them Tuesday morning. We love the ice cream shop. I wrote about it on my blog this week actually (click here to read).

Oh, also I was out because I needed to get a foot x-ray. I am 99% sure I have gout in my feet, but my doctor seems to think not so he sent me for an x-ray. When the results came back fine I decided to ask Dr. Google. Turns out gout wouldn't show up on an x-ray unless its been years (like 5-10!!!). Super annoying...stay tuned on that or let me know if you know anything about gout lol. My toes need to be cracked like all day and it hurts so bad at night.

Oh, Monday we finished our first puzzle from the puzzle table. They sanitize before and only a certain amount of kids are allowed over there at at time. Trust me, if I go to work on it with them they question if I sanitized yet or they hand it over...LOL Proud of them. Next up...500 piece!



Reading stations went well this week. I have never done it so independent style, but I am never going back to groups again...thanks, covid. They get a turn at sensory depending. I love sensory bins so I was happy to bring these back out. Maybe I will write a post about how I do reading stations...

We did a math activity about the Superbowl. It was last minute (scrolling insta in the Starbucks line and saw a cute activity from Sweet Firstie Fun). I have 3 die hard football fans in my room so I knew we had to do something. They even know the players lol. We had fun with that. I will be eager to see who wins. I am from Cleveland so we were all hype that the Brown's were in the playoffs. If you know anything about football, you know that is a miracle haha.

We did a little cleaning and picking up. A clean room is a happy room. :) Hashtag life skills.

We also did some matching. Yes, I do know we are standing by each other for a picture. It was ten seconds and the fact that they are all almost looking is basically golden sooooooo ya.

That is all for this week! Here is some cute content of my nephews from their mom's wedding. :) Have a great weekend.

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