Teaching Recap Jan 19-22

Saturday, January 23, 2021

It was a really long, but fun week. Even though we had Monday off it felt like it still was so long. I don't personally like having Mondays off. I love Mondays. I feel like they are a fresh start to the week. Plus I teach dance on Tuesdays so I don't love having the first day of the work week be a 12+ hour day lol. My kids were cracking me up all week though and I am loving my time with them. 

We are on letter Uu, working on addition, reviewing 2nd quarter sight words, opinion writing, and Martin Luther King JR..

In math we are still working on addition. I feel like chapter 5 of go math is so long. I stuck with using the station we used last week for their "game", which was the hot chocolate orders. My math stations are teacher, computer, rainbow trays (game), and dramatic play.

We learned about Martin Luther King JR. Which is my favorite to teach. I always read the book A Picture Book of Martin Luther King. It is in language that little kids understand, but does not go away from the message or things MLK JR did and accomplished. It is also about his life as a kid, teen, and adult. A lot of us wrote "I have a dream that there will be no more robbers"......., but I loved this one "that kids would be treated nicely and no more littering." My sweet children... Click here for the writing activity.

I brought the puzzle table back. They have to sanitize before using and the table works for three to be spread out, but I'm glad I did because they are LOVING it. The puzzle pictured is from target dollar section. The pieces are super tiny, but it is a cute puzzle. I of course bought four different kinds...LOL

I have been huge on social emotional this year. After dealing with abuse, I know how important it is to not only raise kids who are compassionate, honest, and kind, but also how important it is to validate feelings, love, and create a safe environment. One of my little girls was crying so hard because she missed her mom. When she went to take a break in the hall so she could take her mask off, one of her friends went over and wrote this on the scrap of her paper. I mean...I about died of course. I know I take too many pictures, but this was WAY too good. The best part is, they don't need recognition and they don't even care about recognition. Although I do weekly shoutouts for acts of kindness I saw the past week...so maybe they know I'm watching. Either way...I'm here for it!!

We made these teen number hot chocolate mugs. Which took like ten years so that was fun...LOL We did them on Friday. I try to do a math craft weekly and thought this one would be good since we will start getting into teen numbers shortly. They liked the craft. Click here for the activity.

We wrapped up opinion writing these week. Honestly, thank goodness. I personally love informational writing over opinion writing. However, I will say they were really good with opinion writing and I liked the journals I made towards the end. Sharyn had given me a similar journal, but we needed more prompts. The one I made has 30 prompts so my future self will be happy for 6 weeks of prepped writing journals next year lol. On the left, they were taking their final assessment. I was very proud of their writing, especially because we spent so much time online. I really think using the breakout rooms to be able to teach writing in small group was an A+ decision on my part lol. On the right, they were sharing their writing with friends. I feel like since I started doing this it has motivated some of them to step up their game because when I first did it some barely had anything down- even though I know they can write more ;).You can click here for my writing journal.

Wednesday night I got myself a new Keurig, which was glorious. It is the mini and it is currently on sale. (I got gray). I was out Thursday morning for an appointment. My kids had fun with my friend/former co-worker and I had them do an activity from Primary Scouts. My friend, Alicia, makes the best mentor text packs. I always use them when I have subs because it is perfect, but you could use them for an entire week of teaching. It is great. They read the Misunderstood Shark. I have yet to read it, but the kids said it was a cute story. Here is the activity for The Misunderstood Shark.

I also have been being decently healthy. If you follow me on Instagram, I mentioned I was trying Liquid IV. I decided to add it to a smoothie and it was much better than adding it to water. I put oat milk, strawberries, bananas, and a whole bunch of spinach into my smoothie with the Liquid IV. 

Okay that is all for tonight. It is currently midnight on Saturday. I took a nap this evening so I have been working on the computer for awhile tonight. I have been adding to my SeeSaw bundle pack. My kids have SeeSaw work during reading group time. They did this ending sounds one this week- here is the bundle. Goodnight and talk to ya next week!

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