Ice Cream Dramatic Play

Thursday, January 28, 2021

I get so many questions when I post my dramatic plays so I am going to share all about our Ice Cream Shop. Of course dramatic play looks different, as all Covid things do, but we are staying safe, modifying what I am used to (let's be real they don't know any different) and still living our best Kindergarten life. :)

First thing I always get asked is how I made this stand. Well I took Sulley to Home Depot and we bought the 4 wooden crates. I took them in the back and asked someone to help me measure and cut wood so I would have a piece to cover the top. Almost like a counter if you will. Then I knew I wanted it to look like a lemonade stand so they measured for that too and gave me all the pieces. Now mind you I said I need the easiest and cheapest wood to work with because I am NOT handy. So the guy gives me oak, come to find out the most EXPENSIVE and you can't just hammer through it. Thanks home depot anyways I got the crates together and then my neighbor came over and helped me with the oak pieces and there you have it. Literally an hour project if that.

These pictures are from last year. Hence they were taken outside because I did this when it was not snowing yet. It currently is snowing and like 7 degrees here so I would not be hauling this thing outside for better lighting LOL. 

Inside the Shop:
Ice Cream= Styrofoam balls from Hobby Lobby, cut pieces of felt, hot glue them around and when you seal it will form that wave making it look like ice cream
Containers= dollar tree 3 or 4 for a dollar
Cherries= red sparkle poms from Hobby Lobby
Cones= I got them from Target, but I don't suggest using real cones, the art teacher gave us these hard paper fake cones that I like better because no
Scoops= target dollar spot
Spoons and Bowls= just plasticware
Whipped Cream= real kind...I know I'm crazy lol
Chocolate Sauce= real kind...I know I'm crazy lol
Sprinkles= real, but I just tell them to pretend and not open
Order Forms (not pictured), Signs, and Labels= made by me
Paper Cash Register= came with antsy pantsy something
Money= just fake kind from Lakeshore
Sign D├ęcor= target dollar spot


People ALWAYS feel the need to comment that they can't do dramatic play because it doesn't align to the standards. Well I do it in math and we add and subtract and have a great time. ;) I could go into so much detail about how good this type of play is for them, but I won't lol. The hardest part for them at the beginning is problem solving who gets what role. As you can see I have the nametags for them. There are only a certain amount of each. They know they aren't allowed to interrupt me when they can problem solve on their own so I quickly start to hear okay we will be the workers today and then you can be the workers tomorrow. It's honestly the cutest thing since cupcakes. My favorite part though is the vocabulary I hear them using.

I will just leave these speaking and listening standards right here. LOL

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