December Teaching

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Hi! Happy December. :) I wanted to share some of the activities I have done with my kids during December. Click here to follow me on Instagram for more ideas!

We have done some of these readers from my December easy reader packet. They have been perfect for our online learning small groups. I haven't been able to do the running record since we have been online, but normally I do it on Fridays as a reading grade. Click here for the easy readers.

We have been still doing our morning work. I have them do it as an independent activity in breakout rooms while I work with a writing small group. Click here for the morning work.

I LOVE this activity. We do it every year and I just saw that she made it digital too which is perfect. Click here for the wreath craftivity. Also click here to follow on Instagram.

We are doing Gingerbread day Monday. I always dress up as the gingerbread girl and we make the houses. We are still doing it this year online. I always let them make these houses the week we do it or the day we do it. This year I will have them do this and then we will write about what they made in small group. Click here for the build a gingerbread house.

This is another one that I do every year. The option pictured is for counting, but there is one for two addends, three addends, and subtraction. I love it for pairs of ten because they can do some one color and some another color to show the pair of ten. Click her for the tree craftivity.

We did my elf activity online this year. It was fun and they still were able to do it. We did it whole group and then we shared in small group. Click here for the elf activity.

I love putting out these adorable nametags. I made reindeer emoji ones, but I don't have them on my tpt yet. However, these are so cute too! Click here for editable nametags.

This reading packet is perfect from my friend, @primaryscouts. I love all of her craftivities and read aloud lessons. This one was prefect for December. The kids loved the story, the retell, comparing and contrasting Olive and reindeer, as well as getting to write what they were an expert at. Click here for the read aloud lesson.

Thanks for reading. I LOVE December because there are so many fun activities to do. My favorite is probably Gingerbread day. Happy Holidays!

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