Board and Batten Wall

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Okay so my number 1 quarantine project was this board and batten wall. I kept seeing them on Pinterest and wanted one too. The green ones had caught my eye the most. I debated on green or gray, but my room is whites/woods/gray/tan with some plants here and there so I went with green.

Picking Out a Paint Color:

I originally was going to go with a dark green from sherwin williams (I cannot for the life of me remember which one and cannot find the inspo picture, but if I do I will post). However I narrowed it down to the four listed above and was really thinking I wanted Hunt Club.

Erin at @cottonstem gave me the idea to buy the samples and actually paint to see which one I liked. With some help from the Sherwin Williams peeps, I picked Isle of Palms (left) and Basil (right). AS you can see Isle of Palms ended up looking like Hunt Club, so I'm glad the workers talked me out of Hunt Club because it probably was super dark.

I decided to go with Isle of Palms by Sherwin Williams.

Basically you just get plywood (I think LOL) and nail it to the wall and then paint. I had my friend's brother do it for me though. I have seen them with the entire wall lined with plywood like a border, but I didn't think I needed that, however I think it would make it look cleaner.

Here was the wall before. It didn't take long, maybe 4 hours.

Also here is an image of my before bedroom (and pup lol). I love the way my room looks before, but I think it is fun to have an accent wall. For more follow me on instagram @thebeachclassroom.

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