5 Areas You Can Clean to Feel Organized

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Do you ever just not know where to start? I hear this all the time from my friends and family when they are referencing me being organized and clean. Here's the thing, it isn't always super easy. Sometimes areas pile up and I want to lose it LOL, but when I organize/clean these 5 areas I feel so much better. I always say 'a clean room is a happy room'. :)

1. The Pantry
This place is 100% storing expired food, for sure (unless you clean it out every week haha). I take ALL the food out, check it all, and then organize what can go back in. It feels nice to open it up and not see chip bags piled up or 10 boxes of pasta. If you notice when you take out all the food that it could use some cleaning, do a quick clean. This is a perfect time since it is bare.

2. The Fridge
Just like the pantry (definitely has expired condiments). Cleaning/organizing it will motivate you to eat at home, eat healthy, whatever you're going for. When my fridge is a disaster I don't even want to open it and then I end up spending loads of money eating out. Again, like the pantry, perfect time to wipe down those drawers and shelves.

3. Your Car
If you are like me, you say you are going to clean out your car every week and then winter comes and you don't clean it out until the following fall...right? LOL I organized my car at the beginning of summer and have been keeping up with it and it makes me so happy! Take all the stuff out of the hidden compartments, cup holders, side pockets on the doors, your back seat, trunk...and put. it. away (or throw it out if it is trash LOL). TRUST ME, your mornings will feel easier when you hop into that organized car because it feels brand new. When I do this I also take it up to the gas station to vacuum it out and I wipe everything down as well.

4. Your Purse/Bag
Nothing is more annoying then when your purse is filled with receipts, your cards you need are mixed in with your gift cards, and you have a bunch of unnecessary junk. I personally have a small wristlet and then my teacher bag, so I clean out both. With my purse I take everything out (are you seeing a trend here? haha) and then keep the cards I use daily in the main area and I put the gift cards in the little side pocket. Then I clean out my bag and of course take everything out and figure out what needs to stay and what needs to be put away. Such a good feeling when your purse or bag feels lighter.

5. Your Bathroom
Take everything out of the shower, what do you REALLY need in there? Organize- also perfect time to clean it ;). There's no need for a million shampoos. Then comes the drawers...mine get so bad. Again...take everything out. Go through it. If you never use it give it away or throw it away. When you're done with ALL the drawers and closet, if you have one. Clean the counter, wipe off the mirror, put some cleaner in the toilet and you will be excited to get up and get ready.

Happy Cleaning/Organizing!

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