Favorite Swim Suits for 2020

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

So one thing I buy A LOT of is swim suits. I always have loved having lots of swim suits. With my birthday being in May, I would always get a few swim suits for my birthday when I was little.  Since I have been purging and getting rid of a lot of my clothes I decided to say goodbye to a bunch of bathing suits. I still don't mind purchasing swim suits, but I have decided to only get the ones that I love how they fit. Sometimes the pattern is so cute, so I get it, but I barely ever wear it. I am all about deals and would never spend more than 40 bucks (top and bottom included) on a swim suit. I wanted to share my favs for this year.

  • From Target
  • Comes in blue and white
  • Ribbed material (my favorite)
  • Low bottoms (not my favorite, but I don't mind with this suit)
  • Adjustable straps (game changer for me)
  • $17.99 for each piece (recently got it for $8 each piece - I wanted one to keep in FL)
  • I have a small top and small bottom (I weight from 100-110, of course I like the way it fits better when I weigh less. I'm also 5'0)

  • From Target
  • One print (pictured)
  • Crisscross tie straps on top (don't love, but isn't too bad)
  • High waist bottoms (GAME CHANGER for life- except weird tan)
  • $17.99 for each piece
  • I have a small top and small bottom (I normally get medium bottoms, but I had lost some weight and when they got wet they would just be too loose in areas)

  • From Amazon
  • Comes in a bunch of different colors (white, black, stripes, pink, different tassels, etc)
  • Top ties around neck and around bust line
  • High waist bottom
  • Has little poms (they don't get in the way and aren't 'hot')
  • I wear a small for top and bottom (it comes together)
  • Great material
  • $25 dollars, but different companies on amazon sell it so you can look around

Number 4: Black One Piece

  • Got this to wear to my nephew's 5th birthday party last summer, but they still have it at Target
  • The front has extra material so it isn't skin tight
  • Comes with straps
  • I want to say I have it in medium (I'll check and update later)
  • $39.99

Now for some suits I have my eye on to add to my collection:

  • From Amazon
  • $15.99 for the set
  • Comes in red, green, blue, black, yellow
  • (Decided not to get this one because the ship date wasn’t for two months, but still cute!)


  • From Amazon
  • $18.99 for the set
  • comes in four different patterns
  • UPDATE: just got this one and I love it. I want it in every pattern LOL
  • UPDATE 2: it is not a suit to swim in, there is too much fabric on the top :), but perfect if you are just going in up to your stomach
  • I’m wearing a small

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