End Of The Year Stuff!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Item 1: Key Chain Tag

Okay so my 'sentimental' gifts always seem to be a hit. I'm a huge fan of sentimental gifts, not sure why though lol. These key chains above were purchased from Teacher Class Gifts on Instagram. I bought them when I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night last October. My friend, Lori, posted about them and I thought they were too cute. They didn't make it in time for Christmas gifts, so I just saved them. Not to worry, you can use any key chains. You can find key chains on oriental trader, target, amazon, etc. I attached them to the little tag that talks about putting it on their new book bag(you can find it here). I originally used this quote with Christmas ornaments in 2018, again huge hit on the gram LOL. 

Item 2: Crafts from the Year

I'm obsessed with craftivities. Basically it is a learning activity with a craft, which = super cute. I for some reason decided to keep all of their work this year. Most of it was already done, but I had to organize some of it from right before we left. You can learn more about the organization of this here. It ended up turning out so cute. I put a little ribbon around it and DONE! This is more a parent gift, but hey it works.

End of the Year Editable Memory Book

Item 3: Memory Book

This is one of my favorite things to do with the kids during the last week of school. You can purchase this editable book here. It comes with different covers and different pages. I just put the black spiral binding on mine and printed the cover on card stock. So...I never knew how to use the black spiral book machine thing, but my co-worker, Sharyn, taught me. It's fun when her and Cheri teach me old school teacher stuff, I love it! If you want to see more of what is included you can check out my YouTube video.

Bitmoji Board Flat Teacher Bit-moji Bit Moji

Item 4: Bit-Moji / Flat Teacher

I have seen this idea everywhere, and I love it! I will forever give this to my students when they leave for summer. My friend, Jennifer, gave me the idea of a board. The board I made can be found here. My kids loved this!

I hope you could find some ideas that work for you and your students! Thanks for visiting. You can find me on Instagram and YouTube.

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