Colored Rice

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Alright, I want to see what kinds of sensory bins you can make at home! I picked up some rice and beans (beans were a fail LOL) and made an easy sensory bin. You can use rice, sand, rocks, pasta, all sorts of things. I bought some Easter eggs and rice, but you can definitely get more creative! As you can see I just wrote on some eggs. You could do sight words, upper and lower-case letters, math problems, really anything. If you have younger kids you could write the letters of their name or just their name on all of the eggs. The eggs are perfect because they also act as a scoop. Now onto how to make the rice!

Ignore the beans LOL. They never made it. Not to mention, this was the ONLY packet of beans. The rice is just plain white rice (the third bag left) and this was literally the only bottle of vinegar, I guess people really need vinegar in these times of crisis, haha. Then I use Wilton food coloring, it is more staining (comes off skin with baking soda easily), but it is brighter than normal food coloring. I make up my own recipe...

1. Put rice in a bowl.
2. Put a little bit of vinegar (I think its one cup of rice to 1 tablespoon, but I just use a little tiny bit and add more if needed).
3. Put in food coloring.
4. mix
5. If it is watery add more rice. You can keep adding rice until you notice that when you mix it the rice is not absorbing the food coloring and it is white in areas. (then you can add some more vinegar if needed)
Spread it out to dry and then add to your bin. I left mine out over night, but it dries much faster than that. Maybe an hour would be good. If it is wet when you touch it, I would give it more time. Enjoy!

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