Spring - March and April Decor

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Every month I change up my 'bar cart' and my 3 tiered tray. I got the tray at Christmas time and absolutely loved decorating it. Click here for more of my trays and inspiration! For March and April I decided to just do one. Easter falls in April and I host it. I didn't want to make one for March and then turn around and make one for Easter. With spring break, it is just too much. I will also keep my bar cart the same. This time I went with a 'carrot' theme. I got every piece at hobby lobby! I spent about $75, but some of the stuff I will reuse like the greenery in the tray and the little magnets in the tray. Also the mug on the bar cart is a present for my grandma :). I also got a large "locally grown carrot patch" sign for my kitchen. I probably will use the same exact decor next year because it is super cute! If not, I'll sell on Facebook market place.
This is my bar cart. I hate clutter, so this is my junk drawer. Have you seen a cuter junk drawer? I haven't...LOL.
Love these little chicks with crowns from Hobby Lobby. They were about 2 dollars because everything was 40% off. So cute!
Thought this was a perfect piece to go along with the spring theme. However, I think I am going to return it and keep my flower typewriter canvas down there because it barely fits.
When I saw the plate I knew I needed to go with the carrot theme. The carrot garland (pictured above) was perfect to hang off the cart.
You can see part of the carrot garland here. I also love this adorable mug. Everything is from Hobby Lobby. I am going to put jelly beans in it and give it to my grandma. :)
Now for my favorite part...the tray!!! I took out the winter greenery and chose a spring one from hobby lobby which I will keep through August I'm sure. The little bunny ears are wired sticks that I added. The white wood signs are little magnets that I get from hobby lobby and perfect add ins for your tray. The carrots needed to be in there because of the carrot theme, along with the queen chick. I bough a strand of yellow flower garland, it came in a four piece so it was pefec to stick here and there. I always stick a mug or cup or both in the tray. I loved the bunny with glasses. TIP: When you buy a strand of greenery just cut it and one strand will fit in all three trays. You save a lot of money this way! This greenery was SO easy to cut because it wasn't on a wire.

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