September 2019 Favorites

Monday, September 16, 2019

So I have started a blog many times, but I am hoping this is here to stay. I LOVE vlogging, but sometimes it just takes way too long to edit/upload. I do have content that I want to share though, so I thought this would be a great way to do it! I have been wanting to do a monthly favorites on my YouTube Channel, but for now I'll put it on my blog.

Self-care: Taking baths! I never took baths, probably because I lived in a house where I had a shower in my bathroom for five years, but I now love them. Ever since school started I have been craving a nice bath. I buy bubble bath from Walmart. It is super cheap. Right now I have the beach breeze or something like that.

Drink: SWEETENED (extra) iced tea from Dunkin' Donut (pictured above). I started drinking this on my August Florida trip because I felt too hot having coffee on the beach for some reason. I want to say Addi started me on liking this when we went to Florida over spring break. 

Food: Anyone a cheeseburger lover? Lately I have been ALL ABOUT the cheeseburgers...with bacon. I have been going every Sunday for a cheeseburger and it seriously starts my week off right. I have never been a salad girl or a cheeseburger girl really, but right now I am all about those burgers!

Candy: I have been craving peanut M&M's lately. I like them cold so I put them in the fridge. It is honestly strange because I'm not a picky eater, however, one food I never really liked were peanut M&M's, but I am currently hooked.

Routine: I have been loving getting up early this month and getting to school early. I have a student teacher (who is great!), but I like getting there early and just having some peaceful time before my co-workers and the kids arrive.

Book: You Are a Bad A-- by Jen Sincero 

That is all for now, until next month! :)

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